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Climber's Rock

Climbing for Youth

In our lifetime we will encounter many challenges. How we accept and attack each problem head on will make a difference in our lives forever...

5 Point Academy

The CR Academy is a developmental climbing program for youth ages 4-15, built around the two most fundamental benefits of sport: fun and fitness. Whether students end up going on to be enthusiastic recreational climbers or world-class competitive athletes, it is our firm belief that climbing in any form contributes to happier, healthy living.

Academy Tykes (Ages 4-6)

Academy Tykes is designed to focus on the ABC's (Agility, Balance and Control) of gross motor development, physical confidence, and developing social skills in a controlled environment. Each week's activities will feature rock climbing and the exploration of new movements and skills through organized play. Kids will build body awareness, physical confidence, and social skills through age- (and height!-) appropriate climbing games and activities.

CLICK HERE for dates and registration for upcoming Academy Tykes sessions.

Academy Junior (Ages 7-9)

Let the fun begin! With a high ratio of coaches to students, this program is all about getting kids on the wall as much as possible. Through fun games and activities, our coaches expose young climbers to different kinds of grips and movement. By engaging them in exciting tasks and challenges, we foster teamwork and sportsmanship at an early age.

CLICK HERE for dates and registration for upcoming Academy Junior sessions.

Academy Senior (Ages 10-13)

Academy Senior acts as a continuation of our Academy Junior, as well as serving as a starting point for new preteen climbers. Participants learn to belay and are expected to demonstrate the highest level of safety and etiquette when climbing as a representative of Climber's Rock. Class time is spent on cool exercises and group/solo games that builds awareness of the body, balance, movement.

CLICK HERE for dates and registration for upcoming Academy Senior sessions.

Academy Prep (Ages 10-13, Advanced)

Academy Prep is built for kids who are showing signs of the dedication, focus, and self-driven attitude required to become a top level climber. Our coaches start to expose these kids to more climbing specific movements and techniques, as well as the world of competition climbing; which focuses on efficiency, accuracy, and mental preparation, all without losing sight of fun as the ultimate goal. Prep students can choose to enrol for one evening per week only, or can sign up for twice weekly practices with the second evening focusing on advanced training and workouts.

CLICK HERE for dates and registration for upcoming Academy Prep sessions.

Academy Select (by invitation or interview)

Academy Select is the gateway program for young climbers who are determined to compete on the Climber's Rock Team. Climbing time is spent on developing and refining advanced techniques and competition strategy, while workout segments focus on preparing for a competitive training regimen.

CONTACT Nathan (at) ClimbersRock (dot) com for more information.

Youth Team (by tryouts only)

The Climber's Rock Youth Team is made up of some of the strongest youth climbers in the country. Team members represent their gym at every competition they attend, be it a local bouldering competition or international roped comp. The team practices four times per week and are expected to embody the highest levels of safety, discipline and sportsmanship whenever they wear our team colours. Our program features a combination of climbing, fitness, and yoga training, supplemented with support for proper nutrition and academic success.

CONTACT Tyler (at) ClimbersRock (dot) com for more information.


After completing a session at the Academy, participants will have the power to tackle any challenge with the confidence and strength they need to be successful.

For more information including start dates and prices, contact fivepointacademy @


Our youth programming is ambitious. Our goal is to create an environment where kids will be both challenged and rewarded for their hard work. Climbing is about 'how the body moves' and therefore is a foundation sport for all physical activity and sports. Early participation in climbing develops the most fundamental movement skills, physical and motor abilities, mental abilities, social and emotional abilities and performance skills that carry over into all aspects of life.

Youth programs at Climber's Rock use the sport of rock climbing to inspire young people from age 6 to 19 to remain healthy, strong, and determined both mentally and physically. We aim to help youth excel at any sport or activity through the building of skills such as setting goals, staying fit, becoming stronger and remaining focused on tasks.


Our number one goal is to give youth the chance to get fit, learn the value of discipline and hard work, and strengthen their mental capacity. No matter what other sports or activities a youth is involved in, our programs will help them to reach and exceed the goals they have set for themselves.

We are looking for participants who are coachable, respectful, ready to learn, able to maintain a positive attitude, and willing to work to challenge themselves. Our coaches and instructors are selected based on their experiences as both an athlete and a coach. All have diverse backgrounds in a variety of different sports, in addition to climbing, with years of experience developing programs and learning techniques to prepare youth for competitive sports.


The sport of indoor rock climbing is not only fun, but also demanding both mentally and physically. It is a great opportunity for young people to learn the principles that will lead them to success in all that they do.

Pictured above ~ CR teammates Zach Richardson (center) and Mitchell Haight (left) , 2013 Canadian Youth C Boys Champion and Runner-up (respectively).

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