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Prices before tax in effect September 2023


Day Pass $27.00 Day Pass with Rental Gear $45.00

Day Pass for 2 $52.00 Day Pass for 2 with Rental Gear $84.00 

Off Peak Pass $20

Check in Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm or after 9pm

Climbing Shoes $7

Available in adult, child and toddler sizes

Climbing Harness $5

Chalk Bag $6

Rental Gear Package $16

10 Pass Punch Card $200

10 Pass Punch Card w/ Rental Gear $310

5 Pass Punch Card $110

5 Pass Punch Card w/ Rental Gear $170

4 Pass Punch Card $96

4 Pass Punch Card w/ Rental Gear $152

3 Pass Punch Card $75

3 Pass Punch Card w/ Rental Gear $120

Punch card passes can be used for friends & family

Top Rope Belay Lesson $17.70

Ages 14 and up

Length: 90 minutes – advance booking required

Membership or Day Pass available for purchase after lesson

Our Top Rope Belay Lesson teaches you everything you need to know for top roping at Climber’s Rock. Students will learn to wear our rental harnesses properly, to tie a figure 8, figure 8 follow-through and stopper knots, and how to top rope belay with a Petzl Grigri. We also explain how climbs are organized at Climber’s Rock, how to use our auto-belays, and how to use our boulder walls.

New climbers are welcome to enjoy the walls and practice their new skills by purchasing a Day Pass or Membership when the lesson is complete. The lesson is also great for parents who prefer to keep their feet on the ground and only want to work the ropes for their kids.

Upon your next visit, you will need to pass our Top Rope Belay Test to be recognized as Belay Certified at Climber’s Rock.

Top Rope Belay Test $0

Ages 14 and up

Length: 10 minutes (no booking required) FREE (with Day Pass or Membership)

Lead Belay Course $199

  • 2 classes, 3 hours each
  • Advance booking required
  • Ages 14 and up
  • Must be able to flash 5.10
  • Must be Top Rope Belay Certified at Climber’s Rock
  • Personal equipment required

This course is for advanced climbers who want to learn the basics of indoor lead climbing & belaying. In the first class, students will learn rope handling and clipping techniques, and how to identify and fix dangerous climbing situations. The second class focuses on lead belaying, catching and taking lead falls, and gaining practical experience in different climbing scenarios.

Lead Climbing & Belay Test $17.70

  • Ages 14 and up
  • 20-30 minutes
  • Advanced booking required
  • Visitors must take the test with a willing partner
  • Visitors must pass our Lead Climbing & Belay Test before leading at Climber’s Rock.
  • You must provide your own harnesses, climbing shoes, Grigri, carabiner, and dynamic rope – Climber’s Rock does not provide ropes or Grigris. To pass, you’ll need to properly wear and inspect your harness, tie and inspect figure 8, figure 8 followthrough, and stopper knots, and properly belay, lower, and catch your climber on a fall using a Petzl Grigri. You will also need to climb to demonstrate your understanding of clipping (including back-clips and Z-clips), body positioning around the rope, and taking a fall. Passing this test permits you to lead climb and belay at Climber’s Rock.
  • This certification is not transferable to other climbing gyms.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the concepts mentioned above, schedule a Lead Climbing & Belay Course to get yourself up to speed.

Please contact to schedule your test

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